Keep a track on your competitor’s strategies

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Keep a track on your competitor’s strategies

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Keep a track on your competitor’s strategies

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful thing to use to climb the ladder of success. But only those go forward who are focused for. If you search anything in Google you will find there are some websites that get huge traffic as they are on the top. So, you need to search for the techniques like this so that you can make to the top on the Google’s page. You will find lots of competitors in the same leagues. But defeating them should not be your sole issue rather than use their strategies to materialize your product.

Let’s talk about the competitive strategies in a detailed view:

Product reviews:

The product reviews play a major role in bringing the traffic to your platform. If you can write a good product review definitely it will attract more local searches and people will want to know how the others are reacting to your product. If there is correct micro-formatting than your reviews can be accessed directly by the audience through search engine results pages (SERPs). Take care of the fact that how your competitors encash the reviews and use the same strategy for yours too in the starting. Once the traffic gets a pace then you can look for the strategy that is working out for you.

Write the comparison and optimize your competitors brand too:

If you will go forward for the comparative strategy for your brand with others, then definitely people will want to land on your website. As they can see all the options on a single platform, which was impossible on other websites. Once you look forward to writing about the competitors brand don’t use negative words to describe them, as then it will definitely affect your reputation too. So, try to write a detailed review and when you wrote about your competitor do look for optimizing them as well. It will increase the traffic on your website and you will also get in search engine results pages (SERPs) a higher rank.

Do look for link building strategies of your competitors:

There are many tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer, that can able to copy your competitor’s link building strategy. It will help you in monitoring their progress. And you will also get to know that their strengths and weaknesses to go forward and build your own.

Track the niche keywords:

The keywords are the key. Try to know which long tail phrases, keywords your competitors are using forward. This niche keyword will help you in devising the strategy that is completely different from them. Do search the unrelated keywords that can target your audience well.

Never look forward to making your competitor down as they are the pillars for you. So, try to take advantage of your competitor work with them and create content that will be helpful for both of you in going forward. It will make you expert in getting the exposure and you will at the competitor’s edge for yourself. So make a healthy competition and learn from as many ways as you can.